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Kellermensch: Capitulism, LP

€ 29.49

Product description

"I don't know if there's a curse on us. It's almost left us with no energy. It's an album that surrenders its weapons, yet hits you in the spine. It's our most accomplished work to date. Dark, beautiful and full of pain. We're relieved it's finished and very much looking forward to sharing it with our fans" – Sebastian Wolff.

With their unique combination of pedal organ, violins, distorted guitars, thunderous drums and thunderous roars, the dark men from Kellermensch have in recent years revived rock music and cemented their status as leading stars on the Danish rock scene, both live and in album format.

Since their return in 2017, it has become a sea of ​​awards and sold-out concerts in the country's biggest venues and in the smaller cities.

GAFFA has, on several occasions, left no stone unturned and signed off with e.g. "Album of the year" (2017), 5 and 6 stars live and the unequivocal conclusion: "demonstration of power

And now the date has finally been set for the long-awaited third album, from which the three single precursors "Nothing", "Mission" and "Another Drink" together with the sensational album title, Capitulism, undeniably point in the direction of a landmark album release.